Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

The global market poses unique challenges and opportunities for all companies regardless of size.  Velez & Cipriano, PLLC provides a wide range of services for both domestic and international corporations, partnerships, and individuals in the areas of business law. We offer legal services to protect client interests as well as achieve their legal goals. Velez & Cipriano, PLLC provides assistance and legal advice in the following areas:

Trademark Law

We handle domestic, including federal and state filings in addition to international trademark registrations and trademark screening searches. We also provide extensive international trademark monitoring as well as handling all U.S.P.T.O. Office Action Letters, T.T.A.B. Litigation, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Litigation.  We also handle all Trademark renewals, assignments and licenses.

Entertainment, Sports & Art Law

We provide legal advice to entertainers, including on music, motion pictures, television, theatre, literary, athletic matters and in fine art. We are available for consultation and to review and negotiate Management, Publishing, Recording, Merchandising and Endorsement deals.  We advise our clients on digital hometaping and SoundExchange in addition to publishing royalty assistance and collection. We handle music synchronization and licensing, Guild Contracts, Above-the-line Agreements, Below-the-line Agreements, On-Air Talent deals and both Option and Purchase Agreements for teleplays as well as books.  We handle all indie and digital music, rights of Privacy matters, Independent and Major Studio Motion Picture financing deals.

Copyright Law

We advise on all domestic & international Copyright Registrations.  We also prepare copyright searches, Work for Hire agreements, Copyright Assignments and Licenses, Online Copyright Enforcement, Copyright Termination and Copyright Infringement and Litigation.

Internet Law

We also handle various aspects of internet law, including Domain Name Dispute Resolution, drafting of Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, review and negotiation of Online Content Distribution & Licensing Agreements as well as Online Defamation, Online Advertising & Spam and DMCA Complaints.

Our experienced attorneys assist both domestic and international companies establish a presence in the American market and devise strategies and solutions uniquely tailored to each individual client’s needs. We have also created strategies and solutions to assist American companies expand into major international markets, as well as have extensive experience in assisting international corporations enter and conduct business in this market.  Our attorneys understand that each company’s goals are unique, and believe in working closely in order to develop strategies and offer sound legal guidance in helping our clients meet their business goals.


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